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Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced,
Stringed Instrument Instruction by Tom Demarest
Either Live in our Corvallis, Oregon Studio, .. or
Anywhere else on earth, "one-to-one-live on-line"
using Skype, Google Hangouts, or Apple Facetime.

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If you've watched all 6 previews, that's pretty much what I cover in a student's first lesson.
Hope you enjoyed it and I hope to meet you "on-line" for more lessons!

Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Bass, Dobro

Specific advanced topics for one time, live or on-line sessions such as:
Foolproof Lead-playing, Soloing, & Impov Techniques
Understanding Song-forms & Genre Formats
Complex chord function & analysis
Blues, Jazz & Swing Progressions
Etc, etc, etc.....

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If you google "official Volvo song" you'll find this ...

An Old Volvo
One among a dozen of my songs used on NPR's
"Car Talk with Click & Clack"

Other songs played on NPR's "Car Talk"
Complete list of  our "Car Talk Hits"
Sorry, no Ellen on these tunes, it's not her thing.

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  Wallhangers for Guitar, Mandolin, Uke, Bass & Banjo
"Your Musical Hangup"

We still play out and about our home town, & sometimes farther away....
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