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OGM's primary product is
stringed instrument instruction
either live in our studio, or
one-to-one live on-line, using
either Google Hangouts, or Apple Facetime.

Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, & Bass Lessons

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The Volvo Song
Heard on NPR's "Car Talk with Click & Clack"

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More Car Songs!
Sorry, no Ellen on these tunes. It's not her thing.

Other songs played on NPR's "Car Talk"
Complete list of  our "Car Talk Hits"

Ore-Grown Music presents
"On Center Stage Concert Series"
Posters for performances since 2009

Unique Wallhangers for Guitar, Mandolin, Uke, Bass & Banjo
"Your Musical Hangup"

We still play out and about our home town, & sometimes farther away....
Tom & Ellen's Next Appearance

Tom Demarest's Guitar & Mandolin Instruction Books

Dr. Guitar's Bio

Link to A Wee Ogle Shanty Chantey

Tom & Ellen Demarest

Christian/ Gospel Recordings
Run The Good Race
The Touch

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A musical journey!!
Coast to Coast 1965