Hang-Up Your Instrument For Instant Access
The "Au-Naturel" Instrument Hanger handmade from Oregon White Pine
  or driftwood from pristine Oregon rivers.

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Acoustic 6-String

Indisputable fact...

"If your instrument
is handy,
"just hangin' around", you will play longer & more often!"

Order Now thru PayPal

Buy in Stores in Corvallis, Oregon
The Troubadour Music Center
521 SW 2nd St.
Phone: (541) 757-7646

The Fingerboard Extension

120 NW 2nd St.

Phone: (541) 752-5679

Acoustic 12-String

These natural wood hangers cost $15 at both "Brick & Morter" locations.
Ordered on line thru PayPal, there is an $8 shipping charge. 

Holds a Mandolin ...

.. A Bass ..

... or a Ukulele

Classicals ...

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

<td@ oregrownmusic.com>

I also offer fancy Red Oak hangers shown on a wall
in my home.

.. & Electrics

Other Designs That Can Be Custom Ordered.
Contact Tom Thru e-mail
<td@ oregrownmusic.com>  or By Phone (541) 752-4250  (541)
For Banjo With Picks & Capo Shelf

For Fiddle With Bow Hook & Rosin Shelf

For Guitar/Mando/Bass With Shelf

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