Music Books By Tom Demarest

Here are a couple typical comments from many students over the years:

"You're like a magician who lets everyone know how the tricks are done!"

"Your books are not lesson books but excellent referance books providing a
wealth of instruction, via charts, and explanation for many questions
  I've not even thought to ask, yet! Each time I go back through
them I learn something new"

For The Beginning Player

"Your Guitar, A Serious Approach to Playing it For Fun" ( 60 pages )

A collection of writings, charts, and suggestions, which I've tried to limit to only valuable, practical information, information that can benefit any guitar player no matter what direction they are interested in going. Music is music, and beneath the art and mystique lies science. An understanding of this science can only benefit and expedite your progress as a guitarist.
This book is an accumulation of ideas on how best to help you reach your goals as a guitarist. I have evaluated most of the existing systems and methods. Through the years, I have identified the source of my frustration (and that of many a student). It is partly due to the lack of a challenging, interesting, and generally educational approach to the guitar. There are a multitude of books, courses, etc. available. Most of which I find lacking in one way or another. I"ve heard from many a student
"Your method is different and it really works!"
A common question I get from students is,
Why haven't I been told this before?"
The following essentials concepts are among those covered in this book.

  • Basic Guitar & Music Theory
  • Scales, Scales, Scales
  • Primary Chord Groups
  • About Capos & Transposition
  •  Secondary Chord Groups
  • The "Chordal-Scaleular-Merger"


For The "Beyond Beginning" Player

This book really answers your questions provided you've got a solid understanding of major scales in first position; an understanding of primary & secondary chord groups; and are able to play your basic bar chords.

"The Good Book For Serious Guitarists"
( 70 pages )

So you're playing alot better than you were. However, you can't say with confidence that you're playing at an intermediate level. You have an understanding of scale & chord construction, and you can put chords into basic progressions with a reasonable idea of how & why it works. You can even "noodle around" with some single notes in the key you're playing in and it sometimes sounds just great,but....sometimes not. it time to become a "Serious Guitarist"?

  •  Borrowed Chords
  • Expanded Chords
  •  Minor Keys
  • Diminished & Augmented Chords
  •  Those Weird Jazz Chords
  • Scales, Modes & Moods


For The Mandolin Player

The mandolin is a little instrument but can do amazing things musically.
Because it has such tiny frets and four sets of double strings it can
at times drive you "Mad", hence the title!

"Mandolin Madness"
57 pages )

And there're always the live, on-line lessons!

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